Cty TNHH Việc Làm Toàn Cầu

Cty TNHH Việc Làm Toàn Cầu


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Work Global… provides work and internship opportunities abroad for Vietnamese students, youths and adults. Furthermore, we are working and preparing to become a professional training center specializing in Aviation and Hospitality.
Our Founders… are aviation experts and experienced university lecturers. They have a global vision and a strong commitment to provide career opportunities for those who have the passion and the will to accomplish their dreams.

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Our Goal… is to provide young Vietnamese with a good foundation of knowledge through our training courses as well as help them to obtain practical experience skills through our internship training programs in the USA. We believe that with such a profound preparation, the young aspirants can build their future careers on the global platform of ever more industrialization and modernization.
Our Mission… is to help our young generation approach the international working environment, and to create a “playground” of information exchange as well as to bridge cultures and global relationships. With these spring-boards, our students will get a new vision on how to develop their careers.

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1 - 50 Employees

Phúc lợi

Company's regulations, Medical

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Business (e.g. Shirts)

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Vietnamese & English

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Regular hours, Mondays-Fridays

thời gian xử lý hồ sơ trung bình

1 Day, Fast

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địa điểm làm việc

No.1 Huynh Lan Khanh Street Ward 2, Tan Binh District Ho Chi Minh 0

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