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3Sixty (previously the DFASS Group) is a world-class leader in retail options for travellers and travel-related audiences. We specialize in helping consumers and businesses access the enticing world of Duty-Free and travel retail.
Our History:
Founded by Chairman and CEO Bernard “Benny” Klepach in 1987, 3Sixty (previously the DFASS Group) has spent more than 31 years delivering on our global reputation as the world’s largest in-flight Duty-Free specialty retailer, and more recently one of the fastest growing airport Duty-Free and specialty retailers. Today’s 3Sixty employs over 600 full-time employees, operating on five continents through a worldwide network of 120 packing and fulfilment stations and retail stores.
Our Services:
On Board Duty-Free Shopping
Buy On Board (BOB) Services
On Board Pouring
Airport Duty-Free & Specialty Retailing
Shop on the GO Online retailing
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51 - 200 Employees

Phúc lợi

Medical, Dental

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Business (e.g. Shirts)

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Regular hours, Mondays - Fridays

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