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Supply Chain Manager

Talent VietĐồng Nai
13 ngày trước, từ Talent Viet

Logistics Management
•    Delivery of goods to Vietnam and Cambodia on time & accurately.
•    To find out the best way to deliver goods with low cost but high efficiency.
•    Conduct risk assessments and develop crisis or disaster plans to minimize the impact of supply chain disruptions.
•    Lead and direct logistics, distribution, purchasing, transportation, and scheduling functions
•    To lead, manage and motivate the SCD team, ensure that the team provides the effective support services to all internal & external customers.
•    Supports internal customers by providing information on purchasing processes, products and suppliers
•    Administers bid processes including preparation of request for quotation packages, and comprehensively assesses supplier proposal for price, requirement satisfaction, term and conditions, risk, supplier performance, and best value
•    Identifies potential suppliers through superior knowledge of the suppliers’ marketplace and existing supplier capabilities, and has the ability to search for new sources to ensure supplier qualifications meet requirements. Performs comprehensive onsite supplier assessments.
•    Seek the lowest price, highest quality, and most reliable sources of supply
•    Preparing purchasing plan, goods reservation for whole year, quarterly, and monthly
•    Oversee the ordering and packaging process ready for dispatch
•    Planning delivery timetables for Vietnam and Cambodia
•    Oversee the arrival of shipments
•    Consulting methods, solutions to TOM to avoid slow moving stock management, over purchasing plan, expired goods return…etc
•    Coordinate supply chain operations with finance functions to optimize cash flows and minimize working capital requirements.
•    Implement and oversee vendor managed inventory programs.
•    Manage the supplier certification and audit program.
•    Establish supplier selection criteria.
•    Develop and maintain supplier scorecards.
•    Manage inventory levels. Manage and coordinate physical inventories. Manage inventory forecasting and report on variances.
•    Improve supply networks; SOP, procedures which related to purchasing; stock management, receiving and delivering system, goods returned exchange, tender policies….etc
•    Lead and drive the S&OP process and manage monthly S&OP planning and performance reconciliations.
•    Coordinate supply chain operations with financial function to optimize cash flow and minimize working capital requirements
•    Establish and maintain appropriate staff resources of the SCD team to ensure products are delivered on time, in full, on budget and to the agreed quality standard.
•    Accountable for the effective financial management, prepare and agree annual budget of SCD Department
•    To co-operate with the other Departments to fulfill SCD plan, Sale plan, Production plan, ISO system…etc…
•    Visiting suppliers by the end of the year, listen their feedback  regarding services which have made during year and for future plan
•    Setting up KPIs for all staff under SCD, manage performance of direct reports through regular feedback, coaching and performance evaluation, monitoring and making sure targets KPI of SCD Department are met by the end of year.
•    Establish and maintain key supply chain performance indicators.
•    Establish clear organizational structure for SCD team, including responsibilities and accountabilities of individuals.
•    Responsible for training of SCD staff
•    Other duties as assigned by TOM and HQ
•    Managing all employees of Supply Chain Department
•    To organize and assign tasks to all employees of SC Department
•    Monitoring and implementing the work, the progress of all employees of SC Department
•    Internal relationship: all departments in company
•    External relationship: related authorities, service suppliers, Dealers and Sub-dealers, concerning authority offices

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