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Admissions and Student Affairs Director

TIRO ConsultingThành phố Hồ Chí Minh, Hồ Chí Minh
10 ngày trước, từ TIRO Consulting

Job Description

1. Finance:
- Build sales plan to achieve monthly and annual targets (enrolment, revenue, class size, EBITDA…)
- Optimize utilization of classrooms and expand the customer base
- Control ASA staff cost as well as ASA operations cost
- Propose innovative ideas in management & operations to maximize work efficiency while saving costs.
2. Sales & Services:
- Implement sales and marketing plans to meet sales targets
- Focus on improving NPS and learning quality to increase WOM and referrals, retentional rates
- Systemize all processes of sales and customer care that satisfy targeted customers.
- Balance between learning quality, class size and number of class opening based on shifts
- Ensure The Tiro's client Parents/Students are provided with the best service quality
- Optimize process to receive and handle customer feedback/complaints
- Propose activities to improve customer service.
3. Business Development:
- Stay updated with competitor and learner’s needs to provide initiatives and participating in product & service development
- Stay updated with market trends to analyze and propose suitable business development plans
- Cooperate with business development department to expand Tiro's client through new campuses
4. Relationship
- Build a friendly and collaborative workplace both within ASA teams and other departments on a “One Team – One Goal” basis
- Actively build and develop relationships with partners and local authorities to support for sales & marketing activities
5. Training and Development
- Optimise ASA human resources in every campus to run daily operations smoothly
- Build and implement ASA team engagement & career development plan
- Develop sales /care training/mentoring/coaching plan

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