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Việc làm này không còn tồn tại trên Innovix

CTO/Tech Lead/Senior Software Engineer (HCM)

SourceSage Hồ Chí Minh

Toàn thời gian


Write high quality code focusing on readablity and maintainablity

Maintain existing codebases and perform bug fixes

Write unit tests and document code to facilitate easier maintainence

Build and tweak ci/cd pipelines

Perform code reviews of peers

Code user interfaces matching design

Collaborate with product owners to analyze feasiblity of requirements

Create database schema diagrams and system architecture diagrams for products/features

Architect systems optimally to balance out infrastructure costs and performance

Communicate ideas and thoughts effectively with teammates

Add value to technical discussions and brainstorming sessions

Learn new languages, tech skill required by the product/feature

Break down product requirements and user stories into technical specifications

Database Design, using Entity Relationship (ER) Diagrams

Design and review APIs, DB, architecture in relation to scope of work

Run daily standups to remove blockers

Track project progress ensuring highest quality of work

Support and monitor developers and QA team

Do code review (full stack preferred)

Communicate with various stakeholders (Product, Design, Business)


Able to do things in about one-third the time that most competent people think will be possible

Minimum 5-10 years of proven experience as a software engineer or tech lead skilled in Python (Flask) and Angular and React is a must

Knowledge and Experience in DevOps, DB Design, Software Architecture, and AWS

Self-organized, able to deliver quality documentation and code reviews for the team, plus ensuring outputs from rest of team

Prior experience in managing a team of 3-5 engineers is a plus

Experience with building, maintaining and debugging software in production

Bonus if you have worked as a softwre engineer in companies relating to Payments, Enterprise Software, or Ecommerce including Shopify, SAP, Myonline Store, Stripe, Paypal, Ayden etc

Tech Stack:

  • python flask
  • react, angular
  • mysql
  • git
  • circleci, github actions
  • aws: ec2, rds, s3, lambda and more

Good to have:- experience building ecommerce marketplaces- experience building payment systems

We are an equal opportunity employer"It's easier to invent the future than to predict it" - Alan Kay

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