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Senior Electronic Engineer

40HRS JSC đại diện cho US ElectronicsThuận An, Bình Dương
Toàn thời gian
14 ngày trước, từ JobStreet Vietnam

 Báo cáo đến/ Report to: Test Manager

1. Mục đích chính của vị trí/ Basic Purpose of Position

Work directly with the customer to receive inquiries, product information (PCBA) that require warranty or rework service. Receiving the product, conducting the test with ICT and FCT machines, analyzing the electrical circuit diagram of the product to diagnose the error, find out the cause of the error, and propose a repair plan to the customer.

Responsible for solving product errors and tracking, making statistics, improving product quality and service quality better and better, to ensure shipment on time, in accordance with commitments to customers.

2. Trách nhiệm/ Major Responsibilities

  • Working by email or meeting with customers to understand warranty product requirements, rework service or special requirements.
  • Managing many different projects, proposing solutions and improving product quality.
  • Deep understanding of techniques to test, analyze circuits, and investigate faults on the product.
  • Cooperate with other departments to ensure on time delivery.
  • Do other technical jobs that are required by Manager.

 3. Yêu cầu của vị trí/ Position Requirement

  • Graduated from Universities of Technology, Natural Science, Technology & Education, Industry with a major in electronics such as Electronics, Electronics and Telecommunications, Electrical-Electronics.
  • Work experience in the field of electronic circuit analysis or design for at least 3 years.
  • In-depth analysis of electronic circuit boards, good analysis in both Analog and Digital.
  • Know a lot about programming for all types of MCU like ARM, PIC, AVR, CPLD ...
  • TOEIC 600+. Good English in listening, speaking and writing skills, able to work with foreign customers.
  • Be careful, discipline, have principles at work.
  • Know how to present problems, good at presentation skills and can do the report.
  • The ability to design electronic circuits is an advantage.
  • Knowing how to use ICT and FCT machines is an advantage.
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