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Sales Manager (Automation)

First AlliancesHà Nội
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11 ngày trước, từ First Alliances


- Finding and developing markets, developing customers who have a need to automotive production lines, to automotive logistics

- Meet, exchange with customers about equipment, application products and related solutions

- Solution and quotation for customers

- Manage sales staff to achieve growth and sales goals

- Plan and implement a business strategy to help expand customer files

- Identify potential markets with market fluctuations; at the same time always updating competitors' situations and new products

- Responsible for recruiting, allocating goals, training and evaluating the performance of staff

- Report on business results, revenues and expenses

- Coordinate with other business units or other departments to perform common duties of the whole Company.


1. Education level:

- University degree: Mechatronics, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical - Automation, Control - Automation

2. Work experience:

- From 5 years of experience in sales automation

- Experience in working with customers who are manufacturing enterprises in industrial zones, investors, and other business units in the same field

- Sensitive to business opportunities, has in-depth knowledge of the industry and automation products

3. Skills:

- Sales skills, create customer networks, develop markets

- Skills of planning, practical implementation according to progress

- Communication, presentation, negotiation and relationship building skills

- Job organization and time management skills

- Teamwork skills, independent work

- Ability to handle situations

4. Personality:

- Understand operations, business areas and sales process

- Understand security regulations in business

- Ability to think logically, acutely and creatively

- Under pressure at work

- Can go on business according to job requirements


1. Salary package:

Basic salary: Competitive (to be shared in the interview)

- Rewards based on business results, projects

- Bonus year-end profits

- Considering salary increase 2 times / 1 year

- Participate in social insurance, unemployment insurance and health insurance in accordance with the State regulations

- Participate in accident insurance 24h according to the Company's regulations

- Lunch support

- Health care policy for employees and their relatives

2. Training and development opportunities:

- Opportunity to own a certain business segment of the Company and split into an independent subsidiary

- Participate in soft skills training programs, thinking skills, working methods for employees

- Participate in technical training programs from basic to advanced of the Training Center

- To meet, work and learn from big customers and partners and contact the latest technologies in the world and in the country.

3. Culture & Value:

- Professional, friendly, dynamic and humane working environment

- The company's policies and culture are friendly, safe, fair and transparent

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