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Revenue Manager Quản Lý Doanh Thu

Pullman Danang Beach Resort Đà Nẵng

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Key tasks

• Conduct a diagnostic of the market for which you are responsible in order to acquire an overview and analyse the performance.
• Optimise the use of Tars On Line and contribute to the development of the Revenue Manager System (RMS).
• Maintain the information on the market up-to-date and events in the market.
• Monitor the results of the hotels and identify divergences with the budgets and inform the operational employees.
• Apply the Revenue Management initiatives: overbook length of stay, contract management, inter-hotel referrals (HR), group management, price and client mix management
. • Update the market diagnostic every year and provide the information for the operational employees.
• Advise the operational employees in the preparation of the marketing plans and hotel budgets.
• Constantly communicate with and inform relevant HOD(s) of the market and the Hotel Managers of the business results.
• Develop a link with the Revenue Managers of neighbouring markets to optimise intermarket demand
• Ensure smooth and efficient operation of the Reservation Department Job Requirement:

Pullman and its talent community
The Pullman promise is built around its three values: commitment, adaptability and creativity, and these are orchestrated throughout the hotel by a specific human resources and management policy:

• Body & Soul, the service attitudes model developed by Pullman

• Welcomer, Quality & Attitude Manager, Event Manager - some of the new Pullman professions

• A Pullman “school” of leadership, focusing on creativity.

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