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QC Staff

Reeracoen VietnamĐồng Nai
25 ngày trước, từ Reeracoen Vietnam
Mô tả công việc

- Responsible for making a QA.QC plans (need to get approval from the Japanese president), and do it.

■Make Plans, Report it and Do it.
- Attend an Internal meeting to report and improve their work
- Reports quality (weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually) and supplier quality management systems.
- Make annual plans for the company's QA system including quality programs and sanitation programs.
E,g) Use PDCA, QMS system
 NUMBER of Monthly acceptance inspection, Final inspection of shipped products, Non-conforming products etc
RESULT: How many complaints you received? How many days did it take time to make a report of "an inferior quality document"?
NEXT ACTION: How can I do improve quality and reduce complaints? What can I do to be able to make the documents more quickly?

■Handling complaints from customers
- Check the cause of any problems and take action (e,g; Make a document, report)
- check the problem with the supplier)
- Receive, manage and solve questions about the quality of goods and customer complaint letters related to the quality of goods and services
- Inappropriate products due to quality defects
- Quickly get the technical characteristics of materials, processes, and finished products.

■Quality check and guidance of the process on-site
- Consult BOD on the control, improvement, and improvement of product quality.
- Supervise activities in the laboratory and the overall quality system.

■Audit response
You have to Audit response in English
Need ISO knowledge to respond to them

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