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QA translater (Dong Nai, 10-12mil)

Reeracoen VietnamĐồng Nai
12 ngày trước, từ Reeracoen Vietnam
Mô tả công việc

- Responsible for reporting to HQ(Japan)about quality and check/communicate with the inspectors.
※You need to communicate with HQ about the quality of the products.

■Translating HQ(Japan) and Inspectors(Vietnam)
1) After you received the specifications of HQ, you need to check the documents.
2) Then, You need to discuss quality with the inspectors about the products.
3) Quality team pick up several samples from the factory and check the quality.
4) After you received the report from the inspectors, You need to fill out the documents and report to HQ via email in Japanese.
※You don't need to inspect products by yourself. Other employees will be inspectors, so you can just make up a report. But sometimes clients ask your report and you need to understand well about your report. (Using Excell)

- For several months, you have to go to a factory to learn/check the quality of their products by car about 3 times a month(longest distances takes 3.5 hours)
- After several months, you have to go to those factories once a month for each.
- Another task as needed
e.g, Supporting for easy tasks of GA, Accounting, Import&Export
※After Covid-19 is over, you may go to Japan and China for training.

Toys, clothes, shoes, bags, and stuffed animals.
■Partner factories
30mins away from Dong Nai, and the Mekong.
※You need to visit them once a month for each to make sure they are making high quality.

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