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Production line Manager ($1300-$2000)

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  • Being in charge of Manage and control Production department
  • Arranges the production schedule according the sales schedule.
  • Analyzes and transmits the production and spoilage data.
  • Overlooks the logbook on all shift activities.
  • Maintains equipment standards and corrects errors and problems.
  • Control Quality of producing products
  • Sign off on quality records and prepares corrective actions in case of errors.
    Investigates customer complaints and involves production personnel.
  • In charge of Maintenance
  • Checks the lubrication schedules and follows up on the preventive maintenance programs.
  • Responsible for the usage of spare parts, approves and review RP/RQ (min/max) periodically.
  • Control Inventory & material handling
  • Inspect all used material/parts in production department. Ensures proper labeling (identification).
  • Maintains good housekeeping and cleanness.
  • Control Budget and cost control program
  • Analyzes the plant activities to reduce excess cost.
  • Controls the usage of materials and supplies.
  • Prepares yearly budget of production department.
  • Control Personnel
  • Promotes teamwork and good housekeeping disciplines.
  • Sets the standards of safety, fire prevention, security and first aid.
  • Maintains training materials to improve the skills of the plant crew.
  • Makes periodic evaluation of personnel and the setting of the department goals.
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