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Located on one of the most beautiful and peaceful streets of Da Nang City, right next to the amazing beach, MAI Villa & Apartment with 18 villas, designed with traditional Vietnamese style and a touch of French colonial architecture.
Da Nang is known as “the most livable city in Vietnam”, a city with many favorable natural conditions for tourism development. In fact, millions of domestic as well as foreign tourists have come to Da Nang. Therefore, this city needs a lot of accommodation such as resorts, hotels and apartments, etc… Among thousands of hotels and apartments in Da Nang, there is a standout project raising with combination between apartment and hotel; it is designed with a disparate concept in mind in comparison to conventional apartments and hotels.
The project is located at a small alley, on an area with 12 meters width and 44 meters long. It takes inspiration from agriculture civilization along river side, which is one of characteristics of Da Nang city.
With a river as the backbone in the middle, the roads along both sides as blood vessel, duplexes are alternately arranged in order to match with a width of the land. Overall design in combination of modern architecture factors has created an apartment-hotel project as a miniature resort.

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