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IOS Developer (Up to 1500$)


We are looking for IOS Developer to set up new project for R&D Software on Smart TV / The Wall TV which is being transferred from Korea to Vietnam within 2019 with below responsibilities:

- Develop application on iOS to control Samsung Smart TV / The Wall TV as below:

** TV Plugins Development/Improvement:
- Develop plugin for new model TV: The Sero TV new features, The Wall remote control,…
- TV Plugin new features: App running, search features, TV setting change, external input change.
- Reduce app size solution, TV Plugin quarterly review.
- Apply improvement for new flagship.
** Service change:
- Ambient 8K Photo Content, Ambient Routine application, Photo usability improvement
- Frame TV, UG 2.0 development/application
- Frame Art Store Home
** Wall Tablet App OS/Resolution Support
- iOS support & resolution support
- Multi-View optimizing UX apply
- Ambient features & Slide features apply

- At least 1 years experience in iOS - Swift Dev.
- Fresh graduation also are welcomed and trained.
- Great logical and critical thinking.
- Having the ability of problem-solving & high definition of done.
- Able to work independently.
- Creative, intelligent, able to learn quickly, and work under high pressure and tight deadline.
- Can read & write IT English material

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