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Grower Marketing Manager

Talent VietHồ Chí Minh
10 ngày trước, từ Talent Viet

1. Grower/Go-to-Market Strategy Development
•    Lead actionable grower segmentation and define clear target setting and related financial plans for each segment
•    Define go-to-market strategy by grower segment with a view of customer needs, crops/crops systems and channels involved

2. Grower/Go-to-Market Strategy Execution
•    Support strategic decision making from a grower point of view and ensure reflection of grower related factors in country go-to-market strategy
•    Chose the best integrated offers for our grower-customers based on customer strategies and through implementation of global/regional product and service portfolio strategies
•    Collaborate with sales managers on go-to-market implementation - monitor grower interactions, coach the sales force and ensure alignment on different interaction strategies
•    Drive definition and execution of marketing programs and tactics to ensure that they meet grower needs and can be measured and evaluated for effectiveness
•    Execute pre-launch plan of new launches by leading local counterparts

3. Pull Generation Through Promotion & Campaigns
•    Define content, tailoring and implementation of integrated grower campaigns aligned with the customer journey and relevant customer insights
•    Define the desired customer experience, ensure awareness and support its realization across all functions
•    Design and support demo-trials and farmers meetings to generate pull solutions

4. Marketing Activity Monitoring And Marketing ROI Optimization
•    Monitor the timeliness and effectiveness of go-to-market plan execution, track KPIs against plan
•    Effectively utilize/manage P&I expenses to achieve higher marketing ROI

5. Support On Budgeting, Portfolio Optimization And Asset Management
•    Support the definition of the right portfolio strategy on regional level by providing market knowledge, grower insights and reflecting customer needs
•    Provide required information and analyses for annual budgeting process
•    Provide required support on asset management such as contract update/management with third parties and divestment projects
6. Farmer insight development
•    Capture and anticipate changes in the grower landscape, behavior or needs and ensure reflection in related go-to-market plans
•    Lead integration of grower input and grower segmentation strategies into marketing plans to maximize opportunities for customer acquisition, retention, cross-sell and up-sell
7. Support on inventory management & product stewardship/defense enhancement
•    Provide required information in the local S&OP process for stable product supply and effective inventory management
•    Ensure product stewardship/defense activities including proper Crop Protection usage avocations, anti-counterfeits, etc.

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