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Game Designer Intern

Gameloft Đà Nẵng

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Working as Game Design Intern in our studio, you will have an opportunity to participate in game designing work in different types of mobile game development projects to achieve game design quality, deadline commitment and game performance.

Your main responsibilities include:

- Performing game designing tasks as assigned by Studio Game Design ; Lead/project lead and/or producers; constantly trying to improve the quality of game design work.

- Adapting or producing gameplay content, concepts, level layouts and designs.

- Proposing ideas/tools, raising useful feedbacks and information to improve, optimize working process, resource.

- Actively detecting and solving issues encountered in the project(s) that he is incharge, or in other projects when requested by Studio Game Design Lead/project lead.

- Actively researching on games and platforms, and pushing team-members in this way; implementing or joining in actions (seminar, workshop, tools. wiki…) to share knowledge and experience; proposing initiatives to help raise up the team-members’ level in both technical aspects and creation capacity.

- Under producer's coordination, working with artists and programmers to make sure that the creative vision is fulfilled, and assisting producer in checking and ensuring the quality of game versions.

- Taking initiative to improve the workflow, tool, projects and team organization.

- Creating materials that cover the missing knowledge and update them with Studio Game Design Lead and Game Design Coordinator's feed-back.

Note: The Internship should last for 6 months. You are welcome to make a long term career afterwards if you meet the job requirements.

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