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Việc làm này không còn tồn tại trên ESL

ESL teacher in southern of Vietnam - About 20 miles east of Ho Chi Minh City


School Profile:

- Founded in 2003, Viet My Education Group currently manages and owns the "VIET MY English Training System" in Dong Nai, HCM and Da Nang. Through more than 15 years of specializing in English training in the Vietnamese market, we understand the limitations of learners and are proud to be the first unit to implement "The Counseling and Orientation Program to learn English" to help learners understand their own language abilities, their learning goals in order to save time and costs. With the motto "True teaching - Real learning - True quality", we are confident that we will succeed in realizing our objectives.

Welcome package:

- Take home: $1,600- $1,800 monthly (free tax).

- Paid vacation and paid sick leave

- $100 housing allowance on top of the salary (after 2 months probation)

- Airfare bonus at the end of the contract: $300.

- Sponsor work permit

- Course book and curriculum provided (focus on General English and IELTS Preparation)

- No office hours required, 26 teaching hours/ week only.

- Working schedule: 5 days, including weekends.

Working conditions: ​​​​​​​

- Students age: 6 years old to adults

- Class size from 5 to 15 students/class

- Partnership with some public school around Dong Nai, you will have a chance to work at the public schools

- Full assistant to find accommodation and get adapted with the new working environment

- Friendly and professional colleagues (Native English teachers and local teachers)

Potential candidates:

- Holding Bachelor degree or above .


- Willing to start working immediately

- Have a passport from Native Speaking Countries

Email: susan.guangyainstitution2018[at]

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