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Content Designer ( Contract 3 ~ 6 months)

Ogilvy Hồ Chí Minh

Content Designer ( Contract 3 ~ 6 months)


Are you a creative person who believes communication on Facebook, Instagram and other online platforms is the future of advertising? Do look to your phone for news & entertainment before you would turn on the TV? Are you a maker who is able to translate complex concepts into simple, effective, and engaging visuals? Then you’re the perfect candidate for Content Designer at Ogilvy!

The Content Designer in the Ogilvy Content Studio is responsible for developing creative content, from the initial concepts through the final output. You will be asked to create and strategically defend visuals for content across a variety of channels, including digital, social, print, and video.

Our perfect candidate is someone who loves to be creative in all forms - an individual who brings lots of ideas, enjoys brainstorming and who can provide creative and technical skills to execute your ideas, whilst staying calm under pressure in a fast-paced environment.


Content Ideation – Play an active role in brainstorming ideas for new content campaigns and projects. Ability to come up with creative ideas is a key requirement for this role.  

Content Creation/Execution - Develop and execute content pieces with a focus on digital content and social media. Assets including, but not limited to, videos, graphics, gifs, photos, animations, social posts, online banners, landing pages, etc.

Monitor Design Trends – Stay consistently relevant and up to date on current design trends, social trends and emerging social platforms to capitalize on trends. Know best practices to continue to create best-in-class content.

Presenting Work + Client Meetings - Present, and defend creative work with confidence, passion and clarity. Participate in client meetings + briefings.


  • 2-3 years of creative design experience as a graphic designer, art director, or content designer in an advertising agency.
  • Self-motivated, proactive, reliable and accountable
  • Positive, Flexible, and Curious personal
  • Good communication skills in English
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