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Briefing Executive

Hàng Không Tre Việt Bamboo Airways Hồ Chí Minh

Job description: 

1. Update, provide flight information cards to the cabin crew before the flights;

2. Check the compliance with the rules and procedures of the cabin crew member at the meeting area before the flight (briefing meeting). Ensuring the cabin crew members are adequate, correct structure, proper manners, uniforms, sufficient papers and flight documents;

3. Handling and updating into the system of violations of regulations of cabin crew members;

4. Coordinating the roster and planning department and the chief flight attendant to replace the depository members in extraordinary cases.

5. Classifying, managing and archiving flight documents according to regulations.

6. Perform other tasks as assigned by the Team Leader.

Job requirement

1. University degree, major in Administration, Economics, Administration ...

2. Female. Experience in Office Administration.

3. Fluent English communication. Have a minimum English certificate of 500 TOEIC

4. Shift-working is required.

5. Proficient in office computing.

6. Able to work under pressure and work overtime.

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