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17 ngày trước, từ KOSAIDO


★AGE: Anything
Now-Staff 20s ,30s.
The male-female ratio differs depending on the department, but about 70% of females are related to Admi.DEP
★SKILL:English-Communication level   Japansese No need
★master EXcel
★ have studied trade-related matters or
have similar experience in creating import / export documents, etc.

★better to understand the IT system
★ Those who can attend Dong Nai and those who live nearby


Otoshidama(new year's Gift money)
Company travel
The transportation expenses are not paid,
but there is a transport bus in resident in the HCMC city

Job category

Hành chánh/Thư ký (Bộ Phận Hỗ trợ)
Nhân sự (Bộ Phận Hỗ trợ)
Vận chuyển/Giao nhận (Vận tải)
Kế toán (Bộ Phận Hỗ trợ)
Hàng hải (Vận tải)
Pháp lý (Bộ Phận Hỗ trợ)
Kho vận (Vận tải)
Biên phiên dịch (Bộ Phận Hỗ trợ)

Type of industry

International Logistics Company
In the rapidly growing overseas markets such as ASEAN, we are promoting the international freight business by using transportation, which is our core business, and providing high value-added services by strengthening peripheral businesses such as customs clearance, 3PL, and inland transportation. We are proceeding with business development with a view to establishing a network not only in Asia but worldwide.

Application method

  Please click the button "apply" or contact us below.


[HCMC Office] Tel: (+84 28) 3821 3***, 3661
[Hanoi Office] Tel: (+84 24) 3633 1***, 1221


Human Resource Department

[Thủ Dầu Một- visip2] HR SUPERVISOR

Bình Dương

800 - 1,000 USD

  • Hành chánh/Thư ký : Look for more jobs
  • Nhân sự : Look for more jobs
  • Vận chuyển/Giao nhận : Look for more jobs
  • Kế toán : Look for more jobs
  • Hàng hải : Look for more jobs
  • Pháp lý : Look for more jobs
  • Kho vận : Look for more jobs
  • Biên phiên dịch : Look for more jobs
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